The David Attenborough Style of Scientific Presentation

I’ve been giving more and more talks lately and I came across a couple articles the other  are really spot on so I thought I would share.  The first is by Marshall Shepherd, written for, while the latter is a handout from Will Ratcliff, a Georgia Tech Professor of Biology.

2016 (Shepherd) 9 Tips For Communicating Science To People Who Are Not ScientistsDavid Attenborough talk technique 2018 1

David Attenborough talk technique 2018 2

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  1. As we discussed this morning, I think this is a cool post. Thanks for it. Thinking about outreach and BLN and also FAC efforts, I wondered if you’ve heard of TELE as seen at ? I just heard about it on the Podio/Sustained Community Wildfire Engagement; Place-Based Innovations talk. Definite focus on getting communities to take ownership of wildfire risk. It’s being recorded if you are interested.


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