2019 Annual Meeting

Hope to see you at UNC Asheville:

Monday, March 11, 2019: Committee meetings

  • Coordinating Protection
  • Promoting & Supporting On-the-Ground Conservation

Tuesday & Wednesday, March 12-13, 2019: Full meeting, plus Committee meetings

  • Increasing Membership/Outreach
  • Facilitating & Providing Educational and Learning Opportunities


Agenda: 2019_BLN_meeting_agenda-FINAL

Location & Parking details:

The March 12-13 meeting will be in Rhoades-Robinson Hall (building 18 on the UNCA interactive map), classroom #125. Breakout sessions will be in adjacent classrooms.

*** NEW ROOM INFO *** March 11 committee meetings: Coordinating Protection will be held in Zeis Room 207, from 9am to noon.  Promoting & Supporting On-the-Ground Conservation will meet in Zeis Room 207, from 1-4pm.  

UNCA will be on Spring Break all week so parking should be easy, however you need to register your vehicle in advance at https://transportation.unca.edu/visitor-parking This takes a couple of minutes, then a pass will be emailed to you, which you’ll need to print.  We all have to do this FOR EACH DAY.  Please plan ahead.  You can even register and print all 2-3 days of passes, today.

Then plan to park in lot P26, which is designated an “all permit” lot, including visitor permits (be sure to display your visitor permit that you registered for, and printed, on your dashboard).

Postcards from the Field Click through here and upload one (or a few) of your very best bog photos* of workdays, research, plants and critters, and so forth.  We’ll have a slideshow on the big screens, and when your photo displays, you can chime in with who you are, who’s in the photo, subject, location, etc.  This goes quickly and will be inspiring for the Spring field season!

*By submitting photo(s) for this purpose, you take credit, give approval to share with the BLN, and have the appropriate permission from any/all others shown.