Rare Plants

2018 (Floyd et al) Helonias bullata (Swamp Pink) Habitat Characteristics under Different Landscape Settings at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia

2017 (Fukishima et al) Genome of the pitcher plant cephalotus reveals genetic changes associated with carnivory

2016 (Robinson and Finnegan) Natural Heritage Program List of Rare Plant Species of North Carolina

Unknown (NC State U) Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant

1996 (Godt and Hamrick) Genetic Structure of Two Endangered Pitcher Plants, Sarracenia jonesii and Sarracenia oreophila (Sarraceniaceae)

2013 (Kyle et al) Response of Large-flowered Skullcap to Pre-transplant burning and Canopy Thinning

1990 (Murdock) Recovery Plan for Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant

2016 (Ricci et al) The Effects of Fire and Other Habitat Characteristics on Habitat Selection of Exyra ridingsii (Riley), the Riding’s Pitcher plant Looper Moth

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