Soils and Geomorphology

Credit: Gary Peeples
Credit: Gary Peeples

2015 (Moorhead) A Pedogenic View of Ecosystem Restoration

2010 (McDonald) Geomorphic evolution of Whiteoak Bottoms, Nantahala River Valley, western North Carolina, USA

2003 (Abella) Quantifying Ecosystem Geomorphology of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

2000 (Moorhead et al) Soil Characteristics of Four Southern Appalachian Fens in North Carolina

1988 (Mowbray and Schlesinger) The Buffer Capacity of Soils at Bluff Mountain Fen

1988 (Crowell) The Surficial Geology and Hydrology of a Small Montane Wetland in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

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