Fall 2017 Bog Workday Highlights

With last week’s surprise snow and this week’s blast of arctic air, let’s have some fun looking back at Fall 2017 workday activities:

On November 1st, a dedicated team of bog enthusiasts conducted hardwood management and invasive species control in Henderson County, led by Gabrielle Graeter of NCWRC and David Lee of Conserving Carolina.  This site, cooperatively managed by NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Conserving Carolina and the NC Department of Transportation, features a unique plant community and provides habitat to target conservation species and a diverse array of wildlife.

The brush pile grew to an impressive height as the day went on!  The site is much more open now… can’t wait to see how the native flora and fauna respond.

And in mid-October, a small but mighty team had a productive day in eastern TN under gorgeous blue fall skies.  Led by TNC’s Gabby Lynch, they got after large quantities of Japanese barberry and multiflora rose:

BLN Work Day 1
left to right: Rick Foster (independent ecologist), Bob Gale (MountainTrue), Charles McQueen (TNC), Rose Bruce (MountainTrue)


BLN Work Day 2
left to right: Gabby Lynch (TNC), Bob Gale, Clara Lemyre (Zoo Knoxville), Rose Bruce (MountainTrue/Americorps Project Conserve), Rick Foster, Stephen Nelson (Zoo Knoxville)

Thanks to everyone involved with these fall workdays. 

We look forward to another great season in 2018!


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