Climate Change

1987 (Yavitt et al) Control of carbon mineralization to CH4 and CO2 in anaerobic Sphagnum-derived peat from Big Run Bog, WV

2012 (Van Winden et al) Temperature-Induced Increase in Methane Release from peat bogs – a mesocosm experiment

2017 (Osawa and Jones) How Can Protected Area Managers Deal with Nonnative Species in an Era of Climate Change

2016 (Cartwright and Wolfe) Insular Ecosystems of the Southeastern United States—A Regional Synthesis to Support Biodiversity Conservation in a Changing Climate

2010 (NC Natural Heritage) North Carolina Ecosystem Response to Climate Change – DENR Assessment of Effects and Adaptation Measures

2010 (Schultheis et al) Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Sphagnum Bogs of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

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