Invasive Plant Management

2003 (Merriam) The Abundance, Distribution and Edge Associations of Six Non-Indigenous, Harmful Plants across North Carolina

2009 (Flory and Lewis) Nonchemical Methods for Managing Japanese Stiltgrass

2009 (Reid et al) Does invasive plant management aid the restoration of natural ecosystems

2010 (Ehrenfeld) Ecosystem Consequences of Biological Invasions

2011 (Bahm and Barnes) Native Grass and Forb Response to Pre-Emergent Application of Imazapic and Imazapyr 

2011 (Huebner) Seed Mass, Viability, and Germination of Japanese Stiltgrass under Variable Light and Moisture Conditions


2012 (Corbin and Dantonio) Gone but Not Forgotten — Invasive Plants’ Legacies on Community and Ecosystem Properties

2014 (Bahm et al) Evaluation of Herbicides for Control of Reed Canarygrass

2014 (Lobe et al) Removal of Chinese privet reduces exotic earthworm abundance and promotes recovery of native North American earthworms

2014 (Hudson et al) Removing Chinese privet from riparian forests still benefits pollinators five years later

2014 (Hudson et al) Impacts of removing Chinese privet from riparian forests on plant communities and tree growth five years later

2015 (Bart and Davenport) Environmental predictors of woody plant encroachment in calcareous fens are modified by biotic and abiotic land-use legacies

2015 (van kleunen et-al) Global exchange and accumulation of non-native plants

2016 (Gowton et al) Influence of Disturbance on Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) Stem and Rhizome Fragment Recruitment Success within Riparian Forest Understory 

2017 (Weese and Barnes) Efficacy of Dormant Season Herbicide Application on Control of Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) in Kentucky

2017 (Maclean et al) Understorey plant community composition reflects invasion history decades after invasive Rhododendron has been removed

2017 (Cutway) Effects of Long-Term Manual Invasive Plant Removal on Forest Understory Composition

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  1. Matt Bahm says:

    It’s great to see my research getting to the folks that can use it! I did want to point out that my last name is mispelled in the first link (Bahm not Bahn).

    Keep up the great work, and let me know if I can help!


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