Goal and Strategies

The goal of the Bog Learning Network is to enable land managers, researchers, and all those with a stake in southern Appalachian wetland conservation to work together.


Coordinate protection efforts for Southern Appalachian wetlands14328215924_e53ea2b584_z

Southern Appalachian wetlands continue to be developed or compromised resulting from human modificaiton of natural environments.  Relatively few of these seeps, bogs, fens, and alluvial wetlands exist and virtually all are impaired.  The BLN coordinates acquisition amongst the membership instituions.



Increase membership and outreach


As membership grows so does the diversity of perspectives and experience, which is the basis for wetland conservation.  BLN strives to draw new members into conservation…..


Support on the ground conservation

Working with bog managers, BLN helps coordinate field work opportunities to achieve the most critical wetland management challenges.  

Facilitate and/or provide learning opportunities

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught.  BLN will continue to provide a forum for experiential learning, critical thinking and dialogue amongst wetland managers.