Understanding Bog Turtle decline in the Southern Appalachians. Guest post by Mike Knoerr

  Endangered Bog turtles exist in southern Appalachian mountain bogs. These wetlands are incredibly rare and increasing isolated on the landscape. Thankfully, The Nature Conservancy has acquired and actively manages several of these wetlands for rare plants and animals, including the small and secretive bog turtle.  Mark-recapture data and population level analyses suggest that many…

Trending in the Right Direction: Green Pitcher Plant Monitoring

Last week, USFWS and TNC teamed up to do survey green pitcher plants (Sarracenia oreophila) at the only remaining Low Mountain Seepage Bogs in western North Carolina.  We’ve been observing population trends for this species since TNC acquired the site in the late 1980’s and started a controlled burning interval of once every 2-3 years. …

Exploring Mountain Bogs

Great new article appearing in The Transylvania Times by BLN Member, Owen Carson.  Nice job Owen!    

NC Plant Conservation Program: 2017 Year In Review

Lesley Starke, Plant Ecologist for the NC Plant Conservation Program, shared this report with highlights about protection efforts, volunteer opportunities and events, and management activities.  Check it out: 2017 PCP Year in Review

The David Attenborough Style of Scientific Presentation

I’ve been giving more and more talks lately and I came across a couple articles the other  are really spot on so I thought I would share.  The first is by Marshall Shepherd, written for Forbes.com, while the latter is a handout from Will Ratcliff, a Georgia Tech Professor of Biology. 2016 (Shepherd) 9 Tips…

Fall 2017 Bog Workday Highlights

With last week’s surprise snow and this week’s blast of arctic air, let’s have some fun looking back at Fall 2017 workday activities: On November 1st, a dedicated team of bog enthusiasts conducted hardwood management and invasive species control in Henderson County, led by Gabrielle Graeter of NCWRC and David Lee of Conserving Carolina.  This…

Mountain Bogs of NC highlighted in USFWS story

Dan Chapman, with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Atlanta, recently highlighted mountain bogs of North Carolina in this story about the Mountain Bogs National Wildlife Refuge, complete with maps and photos.  Enjoy!

*NEW North Carolina Biodiversity Project Website launched!!

Per Email from Harry LeGrand Fellow biologists and nature lovers: I am proud to announce the opening of a new website — an umbrella website called the North Carolina Biodiversity Project, which serves as the home for a number of existing websites on taxonomic groups of animals found in North Carolina, as well as a…

BLN Steering Committee: Mincy Moffett

Check it out. I wanted to share this piece about the Bog Learning Network’s own Mincy Moffett  and his career path and his career move from economist to biologist.   “I had a career that I hated and two degrees that I didn’t want to use anymore, so I thought, ‘Man, I’ve got to make a change,’”…

2017 Field Day Series Kicked Off

The first Field Day of 2017 was held May 9th at Elk Knob State Park, where Bog Learning Network members helped North Carolina State Parks manage invasive multiflora rose and reduce unwanted mid-story hardwoods in the bog.