International Bog Day is coming up! And with it is this great workday opportunity:


Sunday July 30th is International Bog Day and our friends at the NC Plant Conservation Program are hosting a volunteer workday and butterfly count in Hendersonville, NC to celebrate.

They’re looking for folks to help with invasive plant control— focusing on Chinese privet– in a shaded mountain bog preserve, as well as a couple more folks for a butterfly survey that will help inform them of native pollinators at the site. The target species are fairly common; volunteers will work together to document how many Eastern tiger swallowtails and silver spotted skippers they find.

Tools and equipment plus ice water and snacks will be provided.  The workday is scheduled 1-3:30pm.

For more information and to register for this event, please contact Nancy Stewart at or 919-707-3755. Directions to the site will be sent out after registration.

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