Rabun County Bog Workday highlighted

Rabun County Bog spans +/-20 acres of the Chattahoochee National Forest and, situated at the headwaters junction of four tributaries, is Georgia’s largest known Mountain Bog/Wetland Complex. The hydrology of Rabun County Bog is supported by numerous seeps and springs and the complex features a diverse assemblage of habitats, wildlife, and plant species.

On August 25th at a Work & Learn Field Day organized by the Invasive Species Committee of the Bog Learning Network, vegetation management activities included:

● Thinning of hardwood encroachment using cut stump herbicide applications and reinforcing an abandoned beaver dam with the cut materials
● Hand pulling of Japanese stiltgrass and marsh dewflower from areas designated for future outplantings of several species of rare plants
● Treating Chinese silvergrass using foliar applications

Photos below by Rebecca Byrd, Stephen Knutson and Lauren Reker. Thanks to them and to all the hearty workers!

The effort was later featured in the GADNR bulletin E-Wild, as seen here: Networking for Bogs (pdf) or https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/GADNR/bulletins/16f1f36.




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