Improving Wetland Restoration Success webinar opportunities

July 12th @ 3pm Eastern:

Bottomland Hardwood Restoration webinar will include two presentations, “Restoring Bottomland Hardwood Forests” by John A. Stanturf, PhD, U.S. Forest Service; and “Bottomland Hardwood Forests: Managing the Middle Years” by John W. Groninger, PhD, Southern Illinois University.

Register at

Also, check back for these webinars (dates/topics subject to change):
Tuesday, August 9th: How to Select the Right Wetland Restoration Team
Tuesday, September 13th: Long-Term Management & Legal Protections for Voluntary Wetland Restoration
Tuesday, October 11th: Prioritizing Wetland Restoration Mitigation Site Selection in the Face of Climate Change
Tuesday, November 8th: Final draft report: A National Strategy for Improving Wetlands Restoration Outcomes


Thanks to Gabrielle Graeter for sharing this information with the BLN.

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