Bog Learning Network Field Trip Report

We had a fantastic Bog Learning Network Field Trip.  We ended up with 22 attendees from NC Wildlife Resources Commission, NC Forest Service, US Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, UNC-Asheville, and Warren Wilson College, Mountain True, and the Knoxville Zoo.  We hope to be able to provide video and audio from this trip soon.  Stay tuned.  For now enjoy Gary Peeples awesome photos!!

18737553382_3f6fdbf323_o 18744883961_2fa49f4281_o 18737544842_47d957c3ef_o 18737500302_c3c041f957_o 18744823411_824d11f46d_o 18716141566_15123b2922_o 18556290689_a30f78beea_o 18742439465_0578daf0e6_o 18554819820_5816a41223_o 18119857264_9cffa411b5_o 18119733954_405c61847a_o 18554632978_67679889d8_o 18119889904_2579edf35d_o 18716116906_9c3308c33f_o

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