More Not so Good News: Wolf Spiders like living in Microstegium, and they eat alot of amphibians

Thank you to Mincy Moffett for passing this along.

Microstegium vimineum (Japanese Stilt Grass) is a plant almost all of us have a tough time dealing with.  A new study published in Ecology has found that Microstegium also affects arachnid predators as wolf spiders thrive in the grass. As their populations grow, more spiders then feed on young American toads, ultimately reducing the amphibian’s survival wherever this grass grows.

Read more in this article from UGA Today 

Here is the full journal article.

2014 (Devore and Maerz) Grass invasion increases top-down pressure on an amphibian via structurally mediated effects on an intraguild predator

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